The fact that Lois Lane chain-smokes through Superman II, which is really uncomfortable viewing these days, is a good example of how the tobacco industry was good at product placement. Superman II is a film clearly targeted to young audiences that for years has been reshown on TV. There are over 20 exposures of the Marlboro logo, for which Philip Morris is believed to have paid over $40,000 at the time. Although the character Lois Lane never smoked in the comic book on which the movie is based, she chain-smokes her way through the second Superman movie, and in the final climatic scene Superman fights it out with his enemies in an urban landscape replete with Marlboro billboards. "You really shouldn't smoke, y'know, Miss Lane." ... "Don't tell me, lung cancer, right?" ... We then see (through Superman's x-ray vision) Miss Lane's lungs as being all pink. "Well, not yet, thank goodness." So, at least there is a little bit of an anti-smoking message right there. (Via Weird Universe)

In a Google tangle

"Has anyone else noticed this directional error on Google Maps?" asks Mike Young of Riverhead. "When travelling on SH16 to the airport via the Waterview Tunnel, the instruction is to follow Great North Rd for 5km. This would clearly leave us heading off towards Western Springs and Motat. I know the Sir Keith Park Memorial Aviation display is out that way, but this is surely incorrect."

Waxing lyrical

A reader remembers another equally great Spray 'n' Wipe ad, which goes something like this ...

The one morning we could lie in, our daughter comes in crying


She's met that rich boy Ray, now his folks are on their way

What a rude awakening, the house looks like a break-in

With Spray 'n' Wipe All Purpose I'll clean up every surface

Spray 'n' Wipe works faster. For baked-on grease and pasta

We sailed right through inspection, she could see her own reflection (shows reflection of a dog in oven door)

So thank you, Spray 'n' Wipe.

Prototype spotted

The prototype for the Norwegian built NZ Post's electric Paxster delivery vehicles.
The prototype for the Norwegian built NZ Post's electric Paxster delivery vehicles.

Video pick

Adam West as Batman in this UK Road Safety Advert from 1967…

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