Microwaved urine a hot seller

Recreational drug users have long tried to beat drug tests by using other people's urine, but authorities say that nowadays synthetic urine is being used to evade workplace testing instead. Instructions on one brand suggested users microwave it to achieve body temperature. Mississippi consequently enacted a bill called the "Urine Trouble Act", drawing snickers and groans in the State House. But its sponsors and others said that the jokey name belies a real problem: Truck drivers, people who operate heavy machinery and others can use the synthetic liquid to easily thwart a drug test, potentially creating public risks. One politician pointed to instructions on a bottle of fake urine that told users to microwave it to achieve body temperature. He said the substance has been a "hot seller" in truck stops statewide. (Via Boingboing.com)

Good news for overweight men

Why is it a rule that men should always do up the middle button of a three-button blazer but never the bottom button? According to mentalfloss.com, the tradition goes back to King Edward VII, who as Prince of Wales was so overweight that he had to undo the bottom button of his waistcoat. It became a fashionable look, which has survived to this day.

Romantic advice pulls no punches

A legit letter from Guardian advice column is answered by The Bad Advice columnist ... Q: "Four months ago I met a great man. We get on famously - we both agree that it is at a very deep, soul-mate level, but he has a long-time girlfriend he lives with, who is the mother of his two kids. We both know the attraction is there, and he has been unhappy for five years now, but I have made it clear to him that I will not do anything that friends would not do unless he finds himself single. I am growing attached to him, though, and he has started making plans for us to do things together - including meeting his kids next week. I'm reluctant, because I know that if I were his partner I would be horrified. But as friends, isn't meeting the family normal?"

A: "You are definitely not standing on the precipice of entering into a bad ideas relationship with a man who is a bajillion per cent gonna do some sex on you at the first opportunity!…There is zero chance that all of this is gonna be a nightmare hellscape trash Dumpster shitfire on hot wheels in about six months. Have fun meeting the children who will in no way be negatively impacted by their dad's dipshit shenanigans with you, a person with very strong boundaries." (The Establishment)


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