Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. MAFS star Sarah has taken a swipe at her former onscreen husband Telv in a scathing online post.

Married at First Sight star Sarah Roza has taken a swipe at her onscreen husband Telv Williams in a scathing online post in which she accused him of "hook(ing) up with countless fame hungry insignificant randoms".

The reality television beauty was responding to one of her Instagram follower's who queried whether or not she had been "snapped up" since the show wrapped and the pair's split was confirmed.

"Thank you lovely lady but I'm not in a rush unlike other people to just hook up with countless fame hungry insignificant randoms," Sarah wrote.


"Real love is truly important to me so I'm happy to ease slowly back into the dating life eventually when the time is right." Telv has reportedly moved on with new girlfriend Maddie Carolan, according to the Daily Mail.

Former MAFS couple Sarah Roza and Telv Williams. Photo / Getty Images
Former MAFS couple Sarah Roza and Telv Williams. Photo / Getty Images

Sarah's dig at Telv comes after her best friend, 'celebrity medium' Harry T, last week revealed the real reason for the break up of the series' favourites.

"She felt he was more interested in the single bachelor life with all the parties, drinking with the boys and living the typical single boy's lifestyle," Harry told the The Daily Mail

Fans watching the show had seen their romance begin to wane in the final weeks, as the reality of life outside the show started to hit.

Harry, who appeared on the show in Sarah and Telv's wedding, said: "She just couldn't tolerate such unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour from him when they were supposed to be in a committed and loving relationship."

Harry also said once cameras were pointed the other way, Telv would bolt, showing no interest in his wife whatsoever.

"As a woman I know what I truly deserve & I just can't allow my innate standards to be compromised," Sarah wrote on Instagram last week.

"Being surrounded by friends & family is providing a safe haven for me now. This is so I can heal & continue to carry on living a upstanding & happy life.


"An experiment like this forces you to reveal exactly who you are. For me; I'm so proud of my resilience, decency, compassion & my loyalty. I know that nobody is perfect yet I am at that stage in my life where the foundation of basic respect & support from my partner is crucial."

Telv has not yet commented on the split.