Kiwis have taken to social media in droves to share their emotional reactions to Stan Walker's documentary which aired yesterday.

The documentary revealed Walker had his stomach removed after it was discovered he was in the early stages of the cancer caused by a rare gene that runs in his family.

The documentary aired on Three on Sunday and since then, social media has been awash with fans hailing him as a "hero", a "warrior" and "a national treasure".

They also called the doco moving, raw, honest and inspiring and many thanked Walker for sharing his story and portraying the struggle of cancer "beautifully".


One fan wrote: "Thank you Stan Walker and whanau for sharing your intensely personal and emotional story with us. Admire your courage, good humour and aroha."

Another added: "I'm in awe of his courage and grace".

Others simply tweeted about how moved they were by Walker's story and took the opportunity to wish him luck - including fellow musicians and Kiwi personalities.