The first reviews for the Roseanne reboot are in and it's leaving critics as divided as the America the fictional Connors now find themselves living in.

The sitcom, which was one of the highest rating shows of the 90s, has already caused controversy by the decision to make Roseanne a Trump supporter. A lot of the early episodes focus on the friction between the self styled "deplorable" Roseanne and the rest of her family, especially her liberal sister.

"To address the elephant, politically speaking, in the room: Yes, the premiere episode of ABC's revival of Roseanne spends a fair amount of time on the main character's support for Donald Trump," Wrote The Hollywood Reporter in their review. "And yes, the fights between Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) and Hillary supporter Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) over that vote are awkward and uncomfortably familiar."

While the return of the original cast has been praised, including a work around for John Goodman who "died" in the show's ninth season, most critics are hoping that as the season, it's tenth, progresses it will dive deeper into the real issues that low- income American families face.


"So far, the 10th season of Roseanne is a little wobbly, trying to shoehorn too many contemporary hot-button topics into a compressed amount of time," reckoned Slant.

While the Washington Post said, "Roseanne needs to do more than acknowledge that a Trump-voting grandmother can get along with her liberal-leaning sister and adore her sparkle-riffic grandson. It should courageously allow the Conner family to more tumultuously grapple with the idea that America is coming apart and changing profoundly."

TV Line however praised the return saying, "First the good news: ABC's Roseanne revival is pretty fantastic."

However EW were a little more subdued in their praise; "So is this Roseanne revival necessary? Probably not. But it's still real nice to have the Conner's back."