"Awww, you are so precious!" I couldn't help exclaim as soon as I met Quill, my new little mouse companion. She is brave, determined and oh, so cute.

She is also the hero of PlayStation's new VR game Moss and her quest is to save her uncle and their kingdom from a terrifying fire-breathing snake. With your help of course.

This fairy-tale 3D puzzle adventure platformer is the type of game that VR was created for.

Physically flipping the pages of a story book, a narrator throws you into the magical world of Moss and helps navigate you through it.


You guide Quill as she scurries through a variety of obstacles that increase in difficulty as you proceed. You also play as The Reader, a powerful force who has chosen Quill for this daring crusade. The whole thing has a sort of a less scary Never Ending Story vibe to it.

Crucially, it never feels too gimmicky. You can lean into the puzzles and look around from different angles, stand up to see if you can spot hidden items from above and reach in to move large stone blocks and open doors that Quill can't.

You also help her heal and hold enemies still while she slashes them with her tiny, tiny, sword. It really is a team effort, even though you're the only person playing.

This aspect can get a bit confusing at times, especially in the heat of battle, but with practice it becomes second nature to play both characters at once.

The VR visuals of this game are absolutely gorgeous. Looking around landscapes is awe inspiring and getting to interact with Quill, whether to give her a high five or to help her out of a jam, is adorable fun.

The experience of it all is so much more beautiful and enjoyable than it is simply watching on the TV screen, all the more reason to chuck on a headset and get lost in the epic journey of Moss.


Platform: Playstation VR
Rating: G
Verdict: An adorable fairy-tale full of platform puzzles and VR fun