The last time I saw Andrew WK in action, he was having a totally confusing freak-out under a piano in front of Jaquie Brown on early 2000s music show Space.

From memory, it ended with a slightly terrified Brown asking: "Are you okay?"

It's still a relevant question, because Andrew WK, the 38-year-old rocker from Stanford, California, hasn't grown out of his party-boy phase.

His new album proves he still likes to party. A lot.


"Party mindset all year round," he whines with his best Axl Rose impression halfway through his new album. "Where's the party at? You know I'll be found."

If this is a soundtrack to a party, it's a pretty self-involved one. Three tracks on You're Not Alone, Andrew WK's fifth studio album, mention partying in the title, which, combined with several self-help spoken word tracks, doesn't help anyone who's trying to decide if he's trying to replace Freddy Mercury, or ape "Weird Al" Yankovic's parody antics.

One thing is certain You're Not Alone invites Meatloaf to the party. Songs like Ever Again, Keep on Going and The Party Never Dies throw everything at the wall, proving Andrew WK hasn't found a stirring string, multi-track chorus, uplifting piano hook or chugging guitar riff he'd say no to.

Much of it is stadium rock by-the-numbers. Break the Curse, a six-minute epic, includes so many mood changes you'll need to refresh your Adderall prescription, while Give Up on You includes a guitar solo that tries so hard to mimic Slash's iconic November Rain riff, it's impossible to take it seriously.

It's still unclear where Andrew WK sits on the issue, but there's a clue on Party Mindset, when he declares: "Don't need no friends / To get me by ... Just a one-man party machine."

If this really is a party for one, maybe it's time to wrap it up.

Andrew WK - You're Not Alone

Label: Sony Music
Verdict: Andrew WK invites Meatloaf to his party