Name for the job (aka Nominative Determinism)

1. "My parents' piano tuner in London was called Mr Stringfellow."

2. "There was a dress shop in Remuera called Braisons, owned by Mrs Bracegirdle."

3. "There is (or was) an earth-moving company in South Auckland called Hurlstones."

4. "I used to work with a vet by the name of Ralph Slaughter."


5. "In the 1970s my mother worked at Whakatane hospital. Nurse Foote, Nurse Legge and Nurse Sandel all worked on the same ward."

6. "My daughter attends a Rotorua high school where the cooking teacher's name is Mrs Cook."

7. "In Papatoetoe the local jeweller and watch repairer was Adrian Timewell."

8. "The Pheasant family had a poultry farm in Henwood Rd, Mangere."

9. "When at high school in Brisbane in the 1950s, I was intrigued by the name of one of the court judges — Mr Justice Hangar."

10. "Came across this one in the Johannesburg Telephone Directory in the 1970s: Sharpe and Swindle Attorneys at Law."

11. "In high school during the early 90s I had a food and nutrition (cooking) teacher and her last name was Butters."

It's nicer to share

Steve Leary writes: "Quite a lot of footpaths are now clearly marked with a cycling or walking option called "shared" footpath; some drongoes are confused as to whether they are on a shared footpath or not … Most sensible riders move to one side and give way on the footpath but unfortunately in life there's always one or two who push the boundaries. Personally I ride on the footpath all the time as it's 10 times safer than getting run over by some text-mad driver. And don't get me started on the morons walking the shared footpaths who have the attention span of a gnat and even though I have a really loud whistle they still walk all over the place like they own it — shared means exactly that! So keep left and be aware of your surroundings people, and focus."

Patrolling flashers

Stephen Hofmann writes: "I have a simple theory to reduce traffic congestion on the motorways. If the patrol cars turned off their flashing lights when they are parked on the shoulder, at the side of the highway, there would be less "rubber-necking", hence less senseless unexplained bottle necks, more traffic flow, less wasted time in the crawling traffic, and a huge saving of fuel."

NewZild accent

"I have a brother Ian and a sister Ann," writes Christine Clement. "My parents, who are both English, were often asked on the phone could they speak to Een (spoken with a very short flat vowel). They always got the wrong child for the call."

Quick links

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