A fluffy new addition to the family could see Max Key kicked out of home.

The son of former Prime Minister Sir John Key shared photos of the new puppy he and girlfriend Renee Brown had bought on social media this morning.

Sooo.... we got a puppy 😍🐶

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But he hadn't broken the news to his parents, who were overseas.

"Hahahaha so my parents were unaware that I'd bought a dog until the [sic] read the paper this morning. Probably getting kicked out of home lol," he posted on Instagram later today.


He also shared a screenshot from his dad saying, "That's not really your dog is it? Just saw in the herald".

Key's dog is a 'pomsky' - a pomeranian crossed with a husky - called Kyro and he even has his own Instagram page.

Key and Brown announced their relationship to the public via a cute Instagram they posted on Valentine's Day a few weeks back.

They pair stepped it up a notch with their purchase and shared a beautiful family portrait of the three of them perched on a sun-drenched clifftop smiling from ear to ear.

Max captioned it "sooo … we got a puppy."