At a press conference this afternoon Mediaworks announced that Real Housewife Gilda Kirkpatrick and politician David Seymour are the first contestants for the new season of Dancing With the Stars NZ.

The reality dancing show is set to return in the second quarter of this year with Dai Henwood and Sharyn Casey as hosts.

"I've never had any sort of dance instruction, so it's going to be a completely new experience for me" Kirkpatrick said.

Her dance rival Seymour, who leads Epsom's ACT party, admitted he was "terrified," and said, "Let's be honest, I'm half politician and half electrical engineer. It couldn't be worse if I was bred to not dance."


No word yet on who will fill the remaining 10 dancing star spots.

As speculated on our celebrity culture site SPY two weeks ago, Mediaworks also announced that its popular reality-marriage show Married at First Sight will return for a second season later this year.

New seasons of The Block NZ, Funny Girls, Grand Designs NZ, Westside and Jono & Ben were also confirmed.

The network also announced that they will be launching a brand new channel on April 15. Titled ThreeLife, they said the channel will "take viewers to a lighter place".

"ThreeLife is where Kiwis will come to view programmes that focus on their favourite pastime," said MediaWorks' Chief Content Officer, Andrew Szusterman. "It's a great opportunity for audiences to binge-watch television that they love, and for advertisers to meet Kiwis in their happy place."

Shows announced for the channel so far are Married at First Sight USA, Restaurant Revolution and Bondi Vet.

ThreeLife will theme its weeknight programming in an effort to make it easier for viewers to tune in for the shows that interest them with Food Monday, D.I.Y Thursday and Romance Reality Friday named as upcoming themes.

ThreeLife will be available on Freeview channel 11.