Robbie Williams fronted media in Auckland on Tuesday with a press conference that involved fire, a near-flashing and multiple dick jokes.

The press conference, which took place on the pop star's birthday, was held to promote the New Zealand leg of Williams' Heavy Entertainment Show world tour.

The conference began with Williams making a joke about his genitals; he made a wish over a birthday cake that was presented to him, after which he looked under his underwear and joked, "it's not worked".

Early into the conference, an intern from The Hits offered him an invitation to a pre-party, which then promptly caught on fire as it made contact with a still-lighted birthday candle.


Williams also candidly joked that he was not as famous as he used to be.

"I've hatched a clever plan ... the weather is terrible here right now, and one good thing about not being as famous as I was in 1999 is that I'm now playing indoor arenas," he said. "That's worked out really well for me."

The press conference continued with a number of stumbles; when a comedian from The Rock attempted to stage a stunt in which he stuttered his way through a question, Williams caught onto the game swiftly.

"Are you doing some comedy? Is this a thing?" he asked. "Well done Jim, you did it, your big thing."

Newshub's Ryan Bridge made a clunky attempt at humour when he asked Williams to "reflect" on his sexuality, given that he'd arrived during Pride month.

"I'm yet to partake in my first cock," said Williams, which a room full of grown adults found hilarious. "But there is still time. As of yet though, it hasn't happened."

In the rare moments he was able to speak about his Heavy Entertainment tour, Williams spoke about how a back problem provided an early setback.

"I wasn't too great last year, I was unwell," he said. "I'm in a better place because physically I'm better. I'm really looking forward to getting into these shows, and finishing this tour with gusto, because it started at a place where I didn't even think I could get through it."


Williams called his support act, Kiwi singer Tami Neilson, "incredible".

"She's a show person, she's got a massive personality and a huge voice, and she's a performer," he said. "I love her songs, I can't wait to stand by the stage and watch her perform."

Robbie Williams performs at Auckland's Spark Arena on February 14 and Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium on February 17.