As a self-confessed Macklemore super fan, I entered Spark Arena on Friday night expecting big things from the Grammy Award Winner on the Australasian leg of his tour.

However, after first witnessing the Gemini tour in Macklemore's hometown of Seattle Washington, I felt nervous wondering if I may have in fact already seen the show at its best, with a bit of a home turf advantage.

The support acts of Eric Nally, Dave B and Xperience were no stranger to Macklemore fans with Nally being the memorable guy with the cool mustache, great pipes and gravity defying dance moves from Downtown, and Xperience collaborating on the moving ballad Church.

As it came time to see the main act, the unique brand that is Macklemore immediately commanded the stage with his song Ain't Gonna Die Tonight before taking a moment to chat to his Kiwi fans.


"I love this place, I love New Zealand, I love Auckland," the rapper told the screaming crowd, before confessing that he may have a new love here in New Zealand – Fruit Bursts.

"You guys are home of many things, many amazing things, but for me the greatest thing beside the people of New Zealand, is Fruit Bursts. I brought six packs today and I'm going back to the store to get more after this.

"I love Fruit Bursts and I love New Zealand."

As the concert went on, it was clear that Macklemore provided something for everyone to enjoy, with a show full of costume changes and theatrics that even the biggest sceptic would have found it hard to not enjoy.

I found myself equally as thrilled by the colorful and eclectic performance from the now independent artist, who proudly boasted about the creation of the Gemini album from the basement of his home.

The rapper wasn't shy in interacting with his audience, sharing hilarious anecdotes, moments of political activism, and even letting his Kiwi fans know that in just a matter of weeks, his adored daughter Sloane was going to be a big sister.

The star's music has changed dramatically since the birth of his daughter and his concert was no different, with his song Marmalade dedicated to his two and half-year-old back home.

The tour, Macklemore's first since his split with Ryan Lewis, showcased his new album Gemini with hits like Good Old Days and Glorious, while paying tribute to the classics which made him a household name with Thrift Shop and Downtown.

This is Macklemore's third visit to New Zealand but even if you have seen him in concert before, this is one hell of a show you don't want to miss.

Macklemore will play his final show in Wellington tonight and tickets are available at Ticketmaster.