BBC presenter Steph McGovern had a hilarious response for viewers congratulating her on her "pregnancy", before describing the confusion as "just life on camera".

The Breakfast presenter, who was discussing the collapse of British firm Carillion, received tweets from viewers who mistakenly thought she was expecting a child.

But McGovern, a Breakfast show regular and leading financial journalist, quipped: "I am not with child, I am with pot belly."

Speaking to MailOnline, she added: "I'd definitely be in the wrong job if I got offended by comments like that. Even my own auntie asked me once if I was pregnant after seeing me on the telly - that's just life on camera.


"I just decided to tweet a reply about it today because I'd had a run of a few celebratory tweets and I wanted to clarify I wasn't and get in there before my boss started arranging my maternity cover!"

The presenter added, making a more serious point: "What's been interesting though is all the messages I've had, showing you how many women it happens to on a daily basis.

"It's a pot belly, not a baby. Although, I'm thinking about naming mine now after all the attention it's getting."

One person had tweeted her directly, simply writing: "Congratulations!"

Another, Peter Felton, said: "I thought you were with child too. Then I thought maybe it's beer belly."

Another joked to the well-known Middlesbrough Football fan: "Too many pies at the footie", which McGovern then "favourited" - seeming to suggest she approved of the post.

After her hilarious Tweet, social media users flocked to Twitter to congratulate her on her cheeky response.

Rob said: "Congratulations on enjoying food and being thoroughly nice and normal."

Defending her, Saeed Khan said: "Gosh, people can be so brutal, especially in the public eye," adding, "let's face it, we all are carrying a few extra pounds after crimbo."

McGovern has become an audience favourite in recent years thanks to her insightful financial reporting and jovial personality.

The financial journalist studied Science Communication and Policy at UCL before working on the BBC's Tomorrow's World programme.

She went on to produce daily financial news packages on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 and in 2012 made her debut presenting BBC Breakfast.