At a standstill over stationery

"The person who had to email a request for a new pen reminded me of 1975 when I was a foundation staff member of a newly established, quasi-government agency setting up office in Auckland," writes Malcolm Bell of Forrest Hill. "We were to be supplied with stationery and office equipment by the Government Stores Board so I trotted along to the board's Auckland depot with a list of our needs. An officious little man behind the counter told me that he could only supply items requisitioned on an official form with the serial number TY128. I explained that I didn't have any TY128s and asked that a pad of them be added to my list. I then asked if he would let me have one form from the pad he was going to supply and I would then copy out the list onto the form."

"Can't be done mate." he said. "More than my job's worth. Can't let you have even one TY128 unless you requisition it on a TY128."

"Recognising that I was well and truly snookered I left without our supplies. The issue was resolved when the supply clerk from a friendly government department gave me a blank TY128 form and I was able to go back to the GSB and requisition a pad of my own."

Workplace pranking

"Hubby shaped dog biscuits with his grinder into heart shapes and I covered them with icing and coconut," writes a reader. "I put them in cake tins and left them sitting in the tea room. Sure enough the hoovers came along and pinched them. What amused us the most was that not just one or two were missing — half were left, maybe some people needed more than one biscuit to confirm all was not as it should be."



What they did for beauty

Max Factor would sprinkle gold dust on Marlene Dietrich's hair to make it sparkle on-screen. The 20K gold dust cost sixty dollars an ounce and Dietrich used about half an ounce each day on set. Freezing freckles off with carbon dioxide was a popular practice in the 1930s. When the CO2 was applied, patients' eyes were covered with airtight plugs, their nostrils filled, and had to breathe through a tube.

Nice one, Mum

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