Grammy-winner Ed Sheeran is set to make his Simpsons debut.

A Fox trailer for the upcoming episode of The Simpsons gives a first look at Sheeran in his role in the animated comedy.

The Sun reports that Sheeran will be playing the role of Lisa Simpson's musician boyfriend.

In the short clip, Sheeran's character Brendan can be seen playing the piano in an attempt to woo Lisa.


The pair then rehearse a duet together, much to the annoyance of Homer Simpson, who accidentally joins in with the performance when banging on the wall.

According to The Sun, Lisa and Brendan grow close over their shared love of music and begin spending more time together.

The episode has been titled Haw-Haw Land and will air later this week as part of The Simpsons 29th season.

The British singer had a smashing year in 2017 with the release of his record-breaking third album Divide.