The on-again-off-again romance of Married At First Sight couple Alene Khatcherian and Simon McQuillan has come to an end — this time for good.

Confirming the split to OK! magazine this week, Khatcherian said neither of them would find happiness if they remained together.

"Besides the distance, the different lifestyles and what he wants to do with his life and what kind of future he wants for himself, there was a huge difference there in the goals," she said.

She added: "So we knew that someone had to sacrifice and we reached a stage where we were like, 'Let's be honest, someone is not going to be happy eventually'."


The couple were matched earlier this year on Channel 9's controversial reality romance series. Despite a rocky start, feelings between the pair eventually grew.

With McQuillan based in rural Queensland and Khatcherian in Sydney, the couple tried to negotiate the distance but eventually called in quits in May before rekindling the romance a month later.

But now, Khatcherian said, there will be no reunion.

"[Our relationship is] all in the past. And now that we've had the break from each other, we've both realised and understand that it would have been really hard for it to work, only because of the different lifestyles," she said.