Ever wonder why Kendrick Lamar seems leagues ahead of his peers in the rap game?

Well, now the star has revealed an encounter with aliens when he was 6 years old and says it could be the reason he's so musically gifted.

The DAMN rapper spoke about the encounter when asked about it during an interview with Howard Stern earlier this week.

He said: "I'm going to stand my ground to this: Yes. I did. Nobody believed me then and they don't believe me now.

"It's just something I can't really describe, because it just sounds like, 'Okay, you just saw a dart go past. That shit don't make sense.' I remember this and words can't describe it. It's just a surreal moment."


And when Stern went on to ask if Lamar had been abducted he responded: "I probably did".

"That's probably why I'm doing music right now. Who knows. They probably gave me the energy... You know?"

The Compton rapper was recently nominated for a massive seven Grammy awards off the back of his hit album DAMN.

He has the second-most amount of nominations, after Jay-Z, who scored eight nods.