Twisties packet sparks sacking — after 20 years

An electrician was sacked after using a Twisties packet to skip work to allegedly play golf — for two years. The Fair Work Commission found Tom Colella, 60, was fairly fired by the Western Australian Water Corporation after he used the packet to mask his work device's GPS. The foil packet acted as a "Faraday cage" and blocked electromagnetic fields — meaning his location was hidden. Colella was alleged to have played golf during work hours at least 140 different times over his 20-year career. (Via

Keeping cool

A reader managed to lock herself in a hot car and wanted to share her experience as a what-not-to-do in a crisis and thank those who came to her aid ... "I had parked my car on Central Park Drive at 7am. Returned to my car at 11:30 and went to throw my bag in the boot — it wouldn't open — I just thought it was jammed. I jumped into car (had opened it with key) it was boiling hot. Went to put window down, nothing. Tried to open door, nothing. Tried horn, nothing. Tried cell phone, no reception. I knew there was an over-ride button, but I think I was locking it instead of releasing it, I certainly did not stay calm. Finally I realised I had left my lights on and drained the battery. By this time I was scared. Then I saw a guy waiting to cross road and started bashing window. Thankfully he saw me and then a passenger in a passing car had seen me trying to kick window out and told her husband to turn back. He managed to talk me down to release the over-ride button. I am just so grateful, and have learned a few lessons in the process. Mainly stay calm and think logically, maybe if the car was cool it would not have been such an ordeal."

Practical sentiment

A heart-felt thanks to mum for from a grateful son for serving up the right diet.
A heart-felt thanks to mum for from a grateful son for serving up the right diet.

Never mind a drone — Google maps reveal all

"A drone over Takapuna Beach is small beer when it comes to an invasion of privacy," writes David Duignan of Campbells Bay. "Just click Google maps. Here is my backyard, my pool, my children's toys, the distance from the house to the trees, and what sort of escape route is available over the back fence. And unbelievably, this is offered to every single computer user worldwide!"

Swap, Face Swap

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To get to their feeding ground these crabs must cross treacherous waters where a hungry Moray Eel and Octopus are are waiting just below the surface…Arghh! I can't watch...

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