Mark Hamill has one gripe when it comes to the latest series of Star Wars movies.

The man who plays Luke Skywalker told that he's disappointed Disney weren't too interested in George Lucas' ideas for the sequel trilogy.

Lucas, who created Star Wars, sold Lucasfilm and the rights to his beloved franchise to Disney in 2012 as part of a US $4.05 billion deal.

"What I wish is that they had been more accepting of his guidance and advice," Hamill told Metro. "Because he had an outline for '7,' '8,' and '9'. And it is vastly different to what they have done."


Hamill added: "But then again, I don't want to be an old stick in the mud."

"There were the originals. There's the prequels. But that's all George. And now we have the next generation. And as far as I can see they are more popular than ever."

Still, you can't help but wonder what Lucas had in mind for the films. In a 2015 interview with Charlie Rose, the legendary filmmaker said he presented his ideas to Disney but they weren't interested.

"They looked at the stories, and they said, 'We want to make something for the fans'," Lucas said at the time. "They decided they didn't want to use those stories, they decided they were going to do their own thing.

"They weren't that keen to have me involved anyway — but if I get in there, I'm just going to cause trouble, because they're not going to do what I want them to do. And I don't have the control to do that anymore, and all I would do is muck everything up. And so I said, 'OK, I will go my way, and I'll let them go their way.'"

Since buying the rights, Disney has made Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which made more than $1.4 billion worldwide last year, as well as the soon to be released Star Wars: The Last Jedi which is tipped to the highest grossing movie of 2017.

The latest movie was screened to a select crowd in Los Angeles on the weekend and the reviews were glowing.

Jen Yamato from the LA Times tweeted: "The Last Jedi is so beautifully human, populist, funny, and surprising. I cried when one POC heroine got her moment because films like these leave their mark on entire generations — and representation matters."

Terri Schwartz from IGN wrote: "There's a scene in #StarWars #TheLastJedi that I keep playing over and over in my head, that is so stunning and unexpected that I don't want to forget how I felt seeing it for the first time. This movie feels unlike any other Star Wars movie in all the ways I hoped."

And Erik Davis from Fandango tweeted the The Last Jedi "is absolutely fantastic — gripping, touching, funny and powerful w/ gorgeous shots and the most badass battles. When it gets going, holy crap does it get going. Hands down the best #StarWars movie since Empire."

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will hit NZ cinemas on December 14.