When you're really craving a fix

A McDonald's drive-thru window became a squeeze-thru window for an American woman who apparently needed a fast-food fix. A surveillance video shows her worming her way inside and helping herself to a soft drink. The video, posted on the Twitter feed of Howard County Police in Columbia, Maryland, shows the break-in early on November 5, when the restaurant was closed. The woman reaches through the window for a drink cup and tries unsuccessfully to fill it from the dispenser. She then manages to squeeze herself into the restaurant through the small window and gets a soft drink. The camera zooms in on her uncovered face. The woman puts a box of unidentified items through the window and leaves. She remains at large. (Via AP)

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Tales from emergency services ...

This lady who would call regularly and often make up stories, most likely due to loneliness, but they still had to send someone out every time. So one day when they got a call from her they figured it would be another one of those calls. "What's your emergency?" ... "There's a lion in my living room." ... "There's a lion in your living room? What's it doing?" ... "I don't know, just standing there. Can you send someone over?" Turned out there actually was a lion cub in her living room that had escaped from a circus or something near. (Via Reddit)

Little concept of time ...

Teenage daughter:

I'm going to Piha with some friends today.



Oh, I used to enjoy going there with my friends when I was your age.


Was Piha there when you were young?

You'll never see that ending coming

Off the beaten track

is a photographic essay by New Zealand born Amos Chapple. "Every autumn one of the world's most spectacular animal migrations takes place in a little-visited corner of Georgia. Tag along with one band of shepherds as they make their deadly, boozy journey from the mountains of Tusheti to the plains of Kakheti."

Video Pick

The Road Movie consists of nothing but videos taken from Russian dashboard cameras. There are car accidents, animal hijinks, fistfights, high/drunk people, meteors, and fires. The trailer is a blast...

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