International music superstar Boy George has sparked social media debate after he suddenly ended a radio interview with Australian host Fran Kelly.

George was a high-profile guest today on ABC Radio National's Breakfast program, where Kelly was invited on to discuss his upcoming tour with Culture Club.

At first, George seemed to be in good spirits. He talked about his love for Australia and laughed about his outfit choices on tour.

George spent an extended period of time Down Under this year as a coach for upcoming music stars on Channel Nine's singing-based reality show, The Voice Australia.


But when Kelly began to ask him if he thought his "gender-bending" affected children in the 1980s, the interview took a different turn.

"Talking about your look, talking about the sensation you were because of your makeup, your clothes, your outrageousness," she said.

"I don't remember if you were openly gay back then but, like David Bowie before you, you were certainly celebrated for being 'gender-bending'. You were a 'gender bender.'"

George was less than pleased with the line of questioning and he replied, saying: "You keep referring to me in past context and we're actually talking in real time."

"Yes," Kelly said, adding: "but maybe now times have moved on and the gender-bending is not such a surprise, but back then it was. Were you aware of the impact of that on kids?"

George paused before he made his final reply: "You're boring me, goodbye".

Then he hung up.

George has taken to Twitter to explain why he hung up on Kelly, saying it wasn't the questions it was the "assumptions" made.


Kelly's program continued, but listeners took to Twitter to express their reaction to the awkward interview.