After last night's fireworks, the Married at First Sight producers obviously decided everyone needed a little rest and a lie-down, serving up the most boring episode of the series thus far.

The couples embarked on their final therapy sessions, where they continued the great charade that is the Married at First Sight experiment.

Except for Brett and Angel, of course, who are genuinely smitten. So much so, the experts thanked them wholeheartedly for "having faith in the process," which was code for "not making us look like total failures".

Brett and Angel remain adorable smitten kittens.
Brett and Angel remain adorable smitten kittens.

A one-in-six success rate isn't great in anyone's industry but at this point, it's better than nothing.


Meanwhile, we had to sit through more tedium as Ben sulked his way through therapy, questioning Aaron's trustworthiness and generally being delusional.

No more so was this apparent than when, referring to the fateful dinner party, Ben proclaimed he was "attacked".

"You know, I'm the victim," he insisted, without a hint of irony or self-awareness.

Ben may not be willing to admit his role as chief shit-stirrer but his sidekick Vicky is. In fact, she's starting to worry that people might think she's a horrible person.

Never! Oh, wait...

Putting on her whiniest voice, Vicky told the experts she was "niiiiiice", before explaining "I'm not nasty, I'm just honest".

That honesty clearly doesn't extend to her husband though, who remains convinced that he and Vicky are "on the same page".

Andrew lives in eternal hope that Vicky will see him as more than a pal.
Andrew lives in eternal hope that Vicky will see him as more than a pal.

In fact, he's confident they will renew their vows on Sunday night when the remaining couples regroup to deliver their final verdict.


The fact his wife is openly ecstatic about going home - and leaving him - for a week, has apparently not tipped him off. Likewise, when the experts warned he appears to have been "friend zoned" he remains hopeful romance may yet develop.

Oh dear. Someone should really let Andrew know he's not only on the wrong page, he's reading the wrong book.