She usually makes music in her bedroom, but now aspiring Kiwi artist October is working on new sounds with the man who has mixed tracks for R&B star Frank Ocean and London trio The xx.

Welsh producer, sound engineer and musician David Wrench was in Auckland for the first time ever last week, giving Kiwi artists and producers one-on-one mentoring sessions as part of the New Zealand Music Producer Series (NZMPS).

Blenheim-born singer, songwriter and producer Emma Logan, aka October, was lucky enough to have Wrench mix her new track during the sessions.

The 21-year-old said it was a "dream" having the world-class producer refine and finish off her song.

"I feel super lucky to have someone of David's calibre be able to work on my track.

"It's quite strange coming from little old New Zealand and being able to work with David who has worked on some of my favourite artist's records. It's just fantastic."


Logan, who has been making music from her bedroom since she was 12, said it was "pretty terrifying" having a group of people, including Wrench, listen to and dissect her song at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios.

"It definitely put me out of my comfort zone.

"Pretty much from day one I've been bedroom producer.

"There's something so intimidating about sitting in a very grand studio and trying to turn on that creative switch. I think just being in a place that your comfortable is so essential in the creative process."

Logan said she preferred starting the production and writing process in her bedroom before having her music heard by a second set of ears.

Although Logan wasn't able to share too much about her new industrial pop track she said it was about the relationship between musicians and their audiences.

"When it comes to me I'm quite an introverted, shy person in real life. I'm reluctant to say it's an alter ego thing but certainly there is a different energy I feel when I'm performing in front of an audience.

"To me it's like a relationship. I wouldn't be on stage unless the audience were there to watch. So it's a little bit about that."

Wrench (left) says he heard about Logan (right) before travelling to New Zealand and thought her music was really interesting. Photo/Jason Oxenham
Wrench (left) says he heard about Logan (right) before travelling to New Zealand and thought her music was really interesting. Photo/Jason Oxenham

Logan, who moved to Auckland about two years ago to pursue music, has been signed by talent manager Ashley Page who also represents Kiwi duo Broods.

She was selected to take part in NZMPS after the series curator and producer Greg Haver put her name forward.

Wrench said he heard about Logan before travelling to New Zealand for the series and thought her music was really interesting.

"I think she's got something distinctive going on. There is quite a sort of industrial sound to what she is doing."


Wrench said Kiwi music on the whole was exciting.

"I think New Zealand music is really exciting at the moment. Obviously [New Zealand] has had one enormous global success with Lorde and it always seems that when that happens it re-energises the scene."

Wrench believed the success of artists like Lorde helped show younger musicians it was possible to make it in the industry.

Other Kiwis selected to spend one-on-one time with Wrench at SAE Institute in Parnell, included Wellington beat maker Estere and DJ Christopher Scott from Kiwi duo Sweet Mix Kids.

Wrench also ran a series of recording and mixing workshops for participants at Roundhead Studios.

The workshops and one-on-one sessions were set to continue this week with UK producer Romesh Dodangoda, who has worked with the likes of rock band Motorhead during his 17 years in the industry.

Dodangoda would share his knowledge with a new set of musicians and producers.

The New Zealand Music Producer Series will run until November 10.