Guy Sebastian has teamed up with Hamish and Andy to hilariously prank some of the most powerful radio executives in the country.

The radio duo wrote some dodgy lyrics in 10 minutes and then gave them to Guy who had half an hour to try to turn the words into a song.

If we wrote a song in 10 minutes and gave it to one of Australia’s best performers, could he convince a room full of radio executives it’s his next single?

Posted by Hamish & Andy on Thursday, 19 October 2017

Guy was then challenged to present the song to a room full of members from the Hit Network's national music department, the people who decide which songs are played on the radio.

The singer's challenge was to convince the unsuspecting executives that the hurriedly composed song was actually his new single.


And Hamish and Andy didn't make it easy for him.

The lyrics they penned included the lines:

Love is a coconut
I feel it in my gut
If you're stranded and it's all you got
Love is a coconut.

So how did he go?

Guy introduced his new song to the 15 executives in the room, describing it as "a bit of a different sound".

"I feel like it could be the next single ... Here it is, Coconut Love," he said.

Guy then played the song to the radio bosses, some of whom were noticeably confused by the lyrics.

Love is coconut, the palm tree of life
Crack one open with me and be my wife
Maybe we'll have a son, maybe we'll have a daughter
Come swim with me in the coconut water.


As the song continued though, a radio boss called Matthew "Eggo" Eggleston struggled to keep a straight face.

"So that's it," Guy said when the song finished. "That's where I'm at, any input is valued."

After an awkward round of applause, some of the radio bosses took it in turns to offer the singer some feedback.

"It's a bit of a different sound for you," Hit Network boss Gemma Fordham said.
But Eggo wasn't buying it.

"I feel like you're having me on," he said to a stunned Guy.

"I listen to the lyrics and I just ... I didn't think it would be something you'd do."

At that exact moment Hamish and Andy burst into the room and said, "You're right, Eggo!"

The radio executives erupted in laughter when they realised they'd been pranked, but most of them were probably just relieved that they didn't have to give Guy honest feedback about Coconut Love.