There are several things that Ariana Grande has become well-known for: her high swinging ponytail, her white heels, and the elegantly provocative pose she pulled while modeling on a stool on her 2014 album art for My Everything.

But one man is not convinced that the pop star, or anyone for that matter, can indeed pull off such a bold balancing act on such a tiny stool and he took to Twitter in a hilariously viral thread to hyper analyse her sitting position and prove her position impossible - pointing fingers at the artist for a possible editing job according to DailyMail.

Jesse McLaren, from New York, attempted to recreate Ariana's cover art in a now-viral tweet that has earned over 85,000 retweets, and more than 270,000 likes since first being posted - and has also spawned hundreds of copycat attempts.

But while the video producer tested out Ariana's body positioning himself, with heels and hair intact, several of his followers decided to test out her stool pose for themselves and the results are in - her sitting position is no hoax.


Jesse began his Twitter tirade with side by side photos of Ariana's album art next to his feeble attempt to balance on a wooden stool facing a mirror in his bedroom.

'I've done the research and there's no way her a**is sitting on that stool,' he tweeted.

In his image he can barely fold one of his legs under his body, a stark contrast from Ariana's poised position with both of her legs folded towards her bum on a small round stool.

But the singer's fan base, known as the Arianators, were quick to defend the pop star - and her incredibly popular cover art.

'You don't have the ponytail, that's what balances everything out,' one user keenly noted.

'Well you weren't wearing the heels,' another observant user Rufus pointed out.

But Jesse was quick to clap back at the haters and posted a selfie of his disgruntled side-pony that wasn't quite up to par with Ariana's expectations and captioned his flick 'nice try'.

'You're only seeing one photo of an album,' he replied to the heels retort.

His struggle launched a thread of wild conspiracy theories over Ariana's precarious balance on the tiny seat.