I'm no bastion of morality, but I'm beginning to think I might be wired differently to some men.

Perhaps I don't appreciate the intoxication of fame and power. Perhaps I don't understand disease and compulsion.

But I cannot understand how any healthy person can desire or self-justify sexual abuse.

As his empire crumbles, the lecherous extent of Harvey Weinstein's grotesque harassments has become all the more apparent.


I just don't understand it. I don't understand the mental condition of a man who wants to harass a young woman.

I don't understand the compulsion that makes someone try and force sex on a partner who isn't interested, or as is Weinstein's case, masturbate into a restaurant flowerpot while forcing an unconsenting woman to watch.

I'd like to think most men are like me and that most of us are decent. I like to think most of us, even if we did find ourselves in positions of fame or power, wouldn't be relying on non-disclosure agreements, threats and lawyers to keep our reputations clear.

Power may be an enabling factor but it should never be mistaken as an excuse.

Justice in Weinstein's case should be decided by his victims, although I'm unashamedly delighted in how quickly his world came crashing down - the sad, desperate, pleading email he sent out to his studio buddies in the hours before he was fired. Weinstein the lonely pig stripped of all his power.

But those who believe this represents a turning point should be careful about celebrating too much.

Hollywood has thoroughly condemned Weinstein, just as it has other big American names recently exposed as sexual predators. Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Bill Cosby: the list of fallen high-profile harassers has grown steadily in recent months.

Maybe, with every scandal, more women feel comfortable about exposing and standing up to this crap. I really hope that's true.


But everyone who marvels at how long Harvey Weinstein was able to keep his name from the papers, should remember the p***y-grabber hiding in plain sight.

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