An interview with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling quickly devolved into a fit of giggles that left both stars reaching for the bottle to get through.

The pair, who are in the UK promoting their new film Blade Runner 2049, were appearing together on a daytime TV show called This Morning when they encountered the unusual interview technique of the show's jovial entertainment journalist Alison Hammond.

As they settled in Hammond showed off some whiskey glasses used in the original Blade Runner film she had brought along with her. This led Gosling to ask if she was a fan of the Ridley Scott's classic 1982 sci-fi film.

"Never seen it," she replied, before exploding in laughter.


Her response caught both actors off-guard, setting them on the path of an extended laughing fit.

"I appreciate your candour," Gosling chuckled, as Ford looked over in amused disbelief.

They composed themselves but their straight faces only lasted as long as Hammond's first question.

"Bleak, dystopian, an absolute nightmare to be honest with you," Hammond said, "and that's just my interviewing technique."

After that it was all over. There was no hope of recovery for the stars. In between losing it Ford reaches for the whiskey and Gosling briefly walks off.

While it's not in the most informative or insightful 'Blade Runner 2049' interview out there, it really is the only one you need to see.