Aussie radio host Em Rusciano has been busted giving her boss an almighty spray.

The 2Day FM breakfast host apologised on air this morning after a heated discussion with her content director, Jase Allen, was accidentally recorded and published on the show's Instagram story.

In a 15-second video featuring her co-host Harley Breen demonstrating how he uses a $20 note to pick his teeth, Rusciano can be overheard in the background complaining to her boss that one of her assistant producers was yawning in the background of a previous video.

"When Harley's being funny you don't want a staff member yawning in the background," Rusciano yells at the 2Day FM content director.


"He's just probably tired," the boss can be heard telling a fired-up Rusciano.

"Sometimes I sit out here and I think you're funny ..." the boss said, before Rusciano interjected.

"I don't give a f**k if you think I'm funny or not, mate!" she told him.


Not long after the video was published live on Instagram, Rusciano and her co-hosts had a chuckle about the argument with the talented performer apologising for dropping an F-bomb.

"For anyone who might be watching our Instagram story today I want to apologise for my language," Rusciano said on 2Day FM.

"I was having an argument with our boss Jase in the background ... the off-air conversation was being recorded on the Instagram story where I told our boss, 'I don't give an 'F' if he thinks I'm funny or not.' So, I'm sorry."

Co-host Harley Breen did his best to get in the boss's good books by saying on air, "despite what you think, Jase, I actually quite like you mate".

But Rusciano joked rather bluntly, "I don't, and you know that".

"Nah, I love you Jase, you stupid bald-headed idiot," she said.

If only we could all talk to our bosses like that and get away with it.