O.J. Simpson is allegedly expecting millions for his first post-prison interview.

The once National Football League running back, now convicted armed robber and kidnapper is reportedly likely to be released on Monday in Nevada, Las Vegas.

The New York Post reports sources close to Simpson revealed, "He's not talking for free".

"It has to be the big one because he's only going to do it one time and it has to be worth his while".


According to the outlet's source the 70-year-old is expected to ask for $3.8 million to $6.4 million and is likely to sit down with NBC's Matt Lauer, Megyn Kelly or Lester Holt; ABC's Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan; or CBS' newest 60 Minutes correspondent Oprah Winfrey.

While US major outlets maintain they don't pay for their interviews, Simpson also allegedly has never before seen photographs from his time in prison that shows will expectedly fork out a lot of money for.

"They pay and he's got photos from jail with his family and friends; he's got some other stuff, too, that people have never seen before and this could be a major deal for any network, any show," the source said to the New York Post.

According to the report Simpson's parole officer was not willing to confirm or deny the possibilities surrounding an exclusive interview.

The source said Simpson is also looking at other business ventures after his release which could include a reality TV show.

"There are companies who have made it known that a television show documenting what he'll be doing, how he'll greet his kids and what's his golf game like, is a viable and potentially lucrative project because people still care, they still want to see O.J. for better or worse," the source said.

Despite the former gridiron star being locked up for nine years the source said, "he still knows how to do business".

It was reported if Simpson does make any money from these interviews, it could be seized due to still owing $42.8 million due to his debt from the wrongful death lawsuit.

Despite his debt, Simpson has reportedly continued to receive an almost $32,000 a month pension from the US National Football League and an estimated $6.35 million Screen actor's Guild pension.

Goldman was stabbed to death in 1994 along with Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown. The two were found dead outside Brown's home.

Simpson was questioned and later ordered to turn himself into police but instead fled. A low-speed police chase, which was broadcast on live TV, began with Simpson driving down an interstate pursued by a convoy of vehicles.

After a highly publicised trial and despite an overwhelming amount of DNA evidence Simpson was found not-guilty.

This was due to Simpson not being able to fit his hand in one of the gloves found at the scene as well as another discovered at his home, and the defence arguing mistakes made by investigators could have contaminated the crime scene.