Things got a tad awkward and very funny when Harrison Ford "forgot" Ryan Gosling's name - mainly because they were sitting right next to each other ... on television.

The two were guests on The Graham Norton Show and sat side-by-side along with fellow stars Reese Witherspoon and Margot Robbie.

Ford told the host about receiving the script for Blade Runner 2049 when he appeared to have a mental blank while gesturing towards Gosling.

"And as I read it, I read about the character that ... um ..."


"Ryan," Gosling said.

"Ryan?" Ford asked.

"It's Ryan," Gosling again confirmed, prompting much audience laughter.
The two are new co-stars in the neo-noir science fiction film Blade Runner 2049, which will hit the big screen in a few days.

Ford continued the joke again in the interview, pretending to forget Gosling's name once more.

Ford told host Graham Norton that he'd told producers that Gosling would be a great fit for one of the characters in the Blade Runner script.

The producers told him they had been talking to Gosling for months.
"Now wait a second. They'd only been talking to me for weeks. So they probably would have gone ahead without me!"

Check out the clip below: