An Auckland fan of Sarah, Sam and Toni is $10,000 richer today after scooping the morning radio show's quiz.

North Shore resident Mike Shaw was in a car with his family when he took part in The Hits' Alpha Quiz, a daily segment offering a $10,000 prize to someone who can correctly answer 10 general knowledge questions in 60 seconds.

The prize has only been won once before since the segment started in February.

Shaw correctly answered nine out of the 10 questions, initially passing on one - "Jake and Beth were main characters in which NZ film?" - before getting it right on the second try and winning the prize money.


He was with his wife Trina, daughter Jess and son Benjamin doing the school drop-off for his two older children when he took part in the quiz.

"I'm glad I let my wife drive because I'm shaking," said Shaw after being confirmed the winner.

"The 4-year-old doesn't care, the oldest two know we're probably going on holiday."

Shaw will received his prize money when host Sam Wallace delivers it in person - while wearing a bra - later today.

Sarah, Sam and Toni - Alpha Quiz

We take the $10,000 Alpha Quiz VERY seriously.

Posted by Sarah, Sam and Toni on The Hits on Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Take the test yourself to see if you would have won the money.

1. What shellfish is said to be an aphrodisiac?
2. In The O.C TV series, what did O.C stand for?
3. Your tongue, heart and liver are all what?
4. Pretty Fly For A White Guy was a hit song by who?
5. What's the name of the board used to talk to spirits?
6. The Academy Awards are known unofficially as the what?
7. Which part of the Earth's stratosphere absorbs UV radiation?
8. Five coloured rings are the logo for which sports event?
9. Jake & Beth were main characters in which NZ film?
10. A pro boxer was WHO De La Hoya?


1. Oyster
2. Orange County
3. Organs
4. Offspring
5. Ouija board
6. Oscars
7. Ozone layer
8. Olympics
9. Once Were Warriors
10. Oscar