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judge Pete Evans and his wife Nicola Robinson are truly at one with nature.

And on Saturday, they celebrated that fact by sharing a series of bizarre nude snaps with the pet horses, reports The Daily Mail Australia.

To kick things off, Nicola, 38, took to her "nutritionist mermaid" Instagram account to give fans a detailed look at the results of her recent breast explant surgery.


The extremely raunchy snap saw the former model completely naked, propped up on her knees in a field.

She let her curly locks shield her face and was seen bending over to plant a kiss on the forehead of her pet horse.

Just a few short hours later, Nicola shared a snap of Pete posing in a near-identical stance.

Wearing nothing but board shorts, the 43-year-old closed his eyes and treated their equine friend to its second forehead kiss that afternoon.

Like all life on this planet, Y😍U my love, are infinitely DIVINE! #purebeing

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In Nicola's caption, she wrote: "We gratefully spent the Spring Equinox in the ultimate organic attire.

"Our free & bare Earth Suits! I must admit, yes I was at first apprehensive about posting this image of Baby Z & I, so I asked myself why???"

She continued: "Of course my programmed ego promptly stepped in & replied 'for fear of judgement,' to which my innate self replied 'let that crap go honey bee.'

"Be free, judgement is nothing but an illusion!!!!!!" the personality concluded.

Nicola also got the opportunity to showcase her spiritually-focused prose in the caption of Pete's image.

"Like all life on this planet, YOU my love, are infinitely DIVINE!," she wrote, adding the hashtag "pure being".

Her nude display was the closest glimpse she's provided of her assets since her breast implant removal surgery in May.