A man's appearance on Police Ten 7 last week has gone viral since it was first shared online three days ago.

The minute-long clip uploaded to the Police Ten 7 Facebook page has now been viewed more than 625,000 times.

Daniel McIvor was out getting food in the evening when he spotted the law enforcement team.

"What do you reckon? Shall I pull a bag of meth out?" he asks as he approaches the policeman.


"I don't have any meth on me but if I pull a bag of sugar out will you put me on TV?"

"Hiiiiiiiiiiii," he says, waving at the camera, before asking the policeman to arrest him.

"Police in New Zealand are comfortable with the homosexual population. That's good, that's good!"

He then runs off screaming, leaving the policeman behind.

"I think they're from Auckland," the policeman says to the camera.

The clip has received thousands of comments, mostly about how hilarious McIvor's behaviour is.

McIvor told the Herald he barely remembered that night.

"It was in the summer before Christmas," he said.

"After a long night of sweating off my makeup and eating fried chicken we were walking home, my feet were just starting to feel the strain from being in 7-inch stilettos.

"Suddenly, my friend spotted cameras next to a cop stop and I instantly heard the famous police 10/7 voice introducing my segment 'we were doing a routine cop stop when we came across this drunken hooligan'."

McIvor says he decided to embody his Snapchat persona (he's on Snapchat as "thedanielshow" for those who want to follow him).

"I was glad the cop and the group of people around could tell it was a joke. Everyone had a good laugh at the gags," he said.

Since going viral, McIvor says most of the feedback he's received from people has been lovely.

"Most of the feedback from the video has been from people who can see it for what it was... A bit of a joke to get a few laughs. Some of the compliments have been overwhelming and so lovely it has given me a lot of confidence.

"There are always sharks who try to tear you down, but generally they are fuelled by jealousy or a lack of education."