A Kiwi singer will feature on the soundtrack for the upcoming Hollywood film Daddy's Home after being personally shoulder-tapped by the film studio.

The movie stars Hollywood heavyweights Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Cena, John Lithgow and Mel Gibson and now, the vocal talents of Kiwi Vivian Nouri.

The 24-year-old received a call from Paramount Pictures' Jason Richmond asking if she could record a song for the film's soundtrack.

"He knew my vocal range but asked my if I could sing this Christmas song for a movie. I wasn't going to say no whether I knew how to sing it or not."


The catch was that she had to do it immediately. So she dropped everything and went straight to the studio, learned the song "on the spot" and recorded it - all in less than two hours.

"A week later I got an email saying that the song was locked in the movie, and I was in tears. I messaged my mum straight away along with the rest of my family and they were over the moon."

Nouri was born in a Syrian refugee camp which her family had fled to after their home in Kurdistan was destroyed by a bomb.

"One of my older sisters needed urgent medical attention and we were granted refugee status in New Zealand. She's actually a lawyer now. We are all proud Kiwis," she told the Daily Mail.

Nouri has been quietly working away at music since she was nine years old, uploading music to Youtube and social media. She's also a model and a former Miss Mount Maunganui beauty pageant winner and she was Miss Teen NZ in 2010.

Mount Maunganui Pagent: Miss Mount Maunganui, Vivian Nouri, 19. 31 December 2009. Photo / Mark McKeown.
Mount Maunganui Pagent: Miss Mount Maunganui, Vivian Nouri, 19. 31 December 2009. Photo / Mark McKeown.

But she's come a long way since then.

Now, she's working with Grammy-winning producer Brian Kennedy and her Instagram is full of photos of her rubbing shoulders with stars like French Montana, Pia Mia, 6lack, Fifth Harmony and more.

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"What I love about music is the power of it to inspire and bring people together. Emotionally connecting with people all over world is a feeling I will never get used to."

Daddy's Home 2 releases in New Zealand cinemas on November 23.

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