National Party leader Bill English says last night's The Block NZ final shows the "improvement" that Auckland house prices are flat to falling.

"The sales of the houses reflected the market ... and that is that prices are flat to falling. I think that's indicating clearly to people that they need to be pretty considered about making their purchases," English said of the reality TV show result.

"But the right track for the housing market is the prices stabilising and incomes rising over time so that housing becomes more achievable. And we are assisting that with our first-home-buyers package where 80,000 are expected to benefit from the Home Start, which boosts their deposit and can get them into houses."

Asked if incomes will ever rise to such an extent that housing becomes affordable in Auckland, English said it would.


"With moderate and consistent increases in income in a growing economy that can happen. What will make it a lot harder is uncertainty for the businesses that are delivering those higher incomes.

"You can see now that it is flattening off so that is an improvement in the outlook."

English is touring Hastings and Napier today, and at Freshmax Orchards was joined by Steven Joyce to announce a five-point plan for the economy.

The announcement was a wrap-together of existing policy including paying down debt and a commitment to no new taxes.

After being asked about the Block results last night, he had a crack at Labour, saying the party - particularly together with the Greens - were proposing "quite a different way of managing the economy".

"And all the propositions they put up will have an effect of slowing the economy. Now that's not going to help people who are wanting to improve their opportunity to get into their first home."

In the Block NZ final, Hamilton dads Andy Mardie and Nate Ross got $1,250,000 and made a $30,000 profit, making them overall winners of season six. One team sold for $1.3m and made only $1000.