Kelly Clarkson has claimed she sacrificed "millions" in royalties by refusing to take a co-writing credit on 2009's My Life Would Suck Without You because she didn't want to be associated with music producer Dr. Luke.

According to the Daily Mail, the singer admitted during an interview with radio station Z100 that the pair's professional relationship had soured to the point that out of pride she refused to take a credit.

The number one track was co-created by Kelly, Max Martin, Claude Kelly and Dr. Luke - real name Lukasz Gottwald.

Speaking about her experiences on her old record label RCA, she said: "I was like, 'I don't want my name near his. I want to pretend this didn't happen in my life and I want to forget it'.


"There's hundreds of thousands of dollars gone because of that, maybe millions. That song was huge."

The inaugural American Idol winner said she'd pleaded with then record label RCA to change her production team for her album All I Ever Wanted: "I asked not to work with Dr. Luke... just because I had not a good experience with him."

She says she told the label: "Anyone in the world but this one person", but that her pleas fell on deaf ears.

"It was one thing and they wouldn't even give it to me."

In 2014, Kesha accused Dr. Luke of sexual assault and emotionally abusing her for years but he has always vehemently denied the claims.

Kesha's highly-publicized courtroom battle with the former CEO of Kemosabe Records has been going on since 2014 and is based on her claims that he drugged, raped and verbally and physically abused her for years. Dr. Luke denies the allegations.

But Clarkson denies that she experienced similar behavior from him, saying: "He didn't do anything like that with me."

However, her resentment over being made to work with Dr. Luke was so strong that she needed to take a stand.

She said: "I was making a point to the people working with me, going, 'This is how much I didn't want to do this'. I don't care about the money. I don't care about 'Oh, you're going to be the most famous person ever if you do this.' That's not what holds weight in my life."