Turns out the bands we go to see have had enough of the mindless mosh pit violence as the rest of us.

At a recent show in Australia, Placebo front man Brian Molko noticed a rowdy group of fans starting a fight, so he cut the music, put down his guitar and literally stopped to tell them off.

Then, when one of them flipped him the middle finger, it was the final straw.

"Wanna give me the finger?" he said.


"All of you, you're all leaving... yeah especially you, baseball cap backwards," he said, stopping to wait for security to get to the troublemakers.

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The crowd cheered as the group was escorted out, while Molko just sighed, adding: "What a waste of time and money".

"We're working here, we're trying to do a good show for you guys, we're doing our best. It really, really doesn't help when people punch each other, or bump into each other, it is just nonsense.

"So let's all just try and take care of each other tonight."

Unlucky for the rowdy fans, but the rest of the crowd got to enjoy the rest of the Placebo gig uninterrupted.