The next episode of Game of Thrones has found its way online thanks to an accidental airing on HBO Spain's streaming service. Spoilers are filling up social media, so we decided to ask our resident Thrones experts if they can wait till Monday.

Cameron McMillan:

Excuse me while I get my Dothraki arakh sword and jump on my high horse. No. Because that would be illegal. Will you refuse to wear a seatbelt this weekend, plan insurance fraud or possibly take part in a touch of murder? But also because I have no idea how to download something illegally and I'm afraid that if I did I'd have the Golden Company under contract from the New Zealand government banging on my door the minute the episode file gets to 100 per cent completed. I'll happily wait till Monday night and stay off social media for the weekend. Just don't tell me if zombie Hodor kills Jon.

Siena Yates: There is no dilemma. Because laws and morals aside, here's the thing: If you watch the leak now, you just have longer to wait for the next episode. You also don't get to take part in the conversation when the episode finally airs, except to say really pretentious and annoying things like, "I knew that DAYS ago, it's been so hard keeping quiet". And that's the other thing, unless you're an actual monster, you can't say anything about it for days. DAYS. I can barely keep my mouth shut between watching it at 1pm and when everyone else watches it at 8.30pm. Hard pass, mate.


Karl Puschmann: Because I like to live dangerously I won't be watching this episode until it hits Neon on Monday night. I'm running the risk of spoilers in a big way I know, but that goes with the territory when you live life on the edge. Perhaps I wouldn't be so cavalier if there'd been a major cliff-hanger at the end of the last episode that I was desperate to see resolved. But there wasn't so meh... I'm happy enough to wait for the official drop. Not because of any huge moral dilemma but rather because if I watch it now then I'll have nothing to look forward to on Monday. I'd prefer not to ruin the one thing that gets me though the first day of the working week...

Rachel Bache: I have a confession ... I caved and watched the preview trailer for episode six - something which I have been trying to avoid this season - and it melted my face off! I felt both giddy and guilty for hours knowing that I'd spoiled some brilliant scenes for myself. So imagine if I tried to seek out Monday night's leaked episode? I don't think my nerves could take it. I'm going to stay true to the schedule and watch it when it was intended to be aired. Plus viewing the leaked 'sode now would mean having to wait for the finale and no one wants that.

Chris Schulz:

I can't do it. I just can't. It's not for the moral reason most might think. And it's not because I don't love spending Tuesdays poring over thinkpieces and tweets and memes about last night's episode (I do). There's a very simple reason: if I watched the episode early, by the time it comes time to recording our weekly podcast (see the latest episode below), I'd have forgotten everything that happened. I have kids. I don't sleep well. My memory isn't what it used to be. So nup, I'm waiting till Monday.

* Game of Thrones airs on Sky TV's SoHo channel, and streams via its Neon service, on Monday.
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