David Dallas' ambitious 64 Bars project is going international.

Teaming up with Red Bull Studios, the Kiwi rapper started the project last year; an ongoing collaboration of live videos showcasing the skills of local rappers.

It's named for the number of lines rappers are expected to deliver in one take and has seen artists such as INF, Abdul Kay, Raiza Biza and Dallas himself take part.


We finally got David Dallas, the man behind 64 Bars, to break the silence and light up the booth. Read on - http://win.gs/2gG5tJg

Posted by Red Bull Studios on Monday, 28 November 2016

"I just like to see it as an avenue for people in whatever scene, for them to showcase people who need that spotlight and just a showcase for the craft of rapping, that's what we're trying to push for," says Dallas.


"There's a platform for everything else, you can use SoundCloud if you're a good songwriter, if you've got a great aesthetic, there's YouTube, there's all these other things, but for kids that just want to be good at rapping, there wasn't anything - at least locally - for that."

Dallas has curated the rappers who take part in Auckland, with two rounds released already, a third that's just finished and a potential fourth still to come.

Now, Red Bull will take the idea to other cities around the world where they have studios, a long list which includes Berlin, London, LA, New York, Paris and Tokyo, and they'll find a local producer to do for each city what Dallas is doing for Auckland.

I'm in Tokyo and I've taken over the @redbullstudiosauckland Insta-story for the day. Tune in for the hijinx

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While Dallas did fly to Tokyo - where the first international 64 Bars is taking place - he says he's happy to take a step back and let each city do what they do best.

"That's all them, that's the way it should be, it should be whoever the guy is in your scene who knows who to pick, just leave it to them completely," he says.

"I started it as a platform for talent that can benefit from it, which, for the most part, is emerging talent. So...I might know a little about who's emerging over there but still not as much as a local would."

The fact that it's gone international is of course a point of pride, but Dallas describes it as "a trip".

"Because to me, in my head, it's not like it's some revolutionary idea to put a camera on people and just let them rap, but there's something to it, you know? So that's pretty cool."


You can watch 64 Bars at redbullstudios.com/auckland.