When he's happy, when the moshpit's bouncing, when there's enough of what he calls, "energy," Stormzy's got a habit he can't seem to help.

First, the UK grime MC's face lights up in a giant grin. Then he points to the crowd, his fingers cocked like a gun. Finally, he runs on the spot, like he's doing high knees at a boot camp fitness class.

Combined, it's an endearing habit that happened often during Stormzy's high octane gig at at the Logan Campbell Centre - one that bodes well for a follow-up appearance planned for New Year's festival Northern Bass.

Words like cute and endearing aren't what you'd expect to use to describe a grime gig, a genre known for explosive bass patterns and uber-aggressive MCs like Skepta and Jammer.


That's especially true for Stormzy, an MC currently at the forefront of the genre's second wave thanks to this year's excellently full-on debut Gang Signs & Prayer.

Sure, Stormzy delivered plenty of bangers throughout his sweat-drenched, hour-long show, from the hands-around-your-mates chorus of Know Me From, to his version of Solo 45's Feed Em To the Lions that created such a headrush he was forced to play it twice, and the bruising anticipation of Shut Up, his shirtless closer for the show.

For those that came to treat the freezing Tuesday night like it was a Saturday - the last night of Stormzy's world tour - might have been disappointed by lulls created by slower tunes. Cold rumbles but never erupts, while Cigarettes & Cush is a mellow cruise.

But those moments were when Stormzy's boy-next-door charisma shone through. "My mum can't believe I'm in Auckland," he said while introducing 100 Bags.

When it was over, he continued his tribute, shouting: "Hey mum! We just shut down Auckland, New Zealand!"

The cuteness went a little too far when he covered Ed Sheeran's Shape of You - yes, in full. The world doesn't need a grime version of that particular song, so let's hope he's excused it from his set by the time his December show rolls around.

Mostly, though, this was an expert grime experience delivered by someone clearly loving every second of it. "I will never forget this show," he yelled after ripping his shirt off for Shut Up.

What a night. You could even call it a knees-up.

Who: Stormzy
Where: Logan Campbell Centre
When: Tuesday, August 1