By Kate Thomas.

She's known for her mind-blowing vocals and has never claimed to be much of a dancer.

And a video from her recent concert has now gone viral, showing Mariah Carey delivering a rather strange performance as she busts out some lacklustre dance moves on stage according to DailyMail.

The short clip shows the pop diva barely shimmying her hips as she goes through the motions with her backing dancers.


Clad in a skin-tight pink bodysuit, the 47-year-old singer's shapely legs are on full display as she struts about in her skyscraper heels.

After a few token arm movements, Mariah is picked up by a hunky male dancer, pulling a stiff smile as she lies in his arms.

He then lowers her down gingerly, with the Hero hitmaker looking a little uncomfortable as she pulls herself upright.

'Me doing the absolute bare minimum at work today #monday', one Twitter user joked, and a second shared, 'When you have to work on payday'.

'Omg I'd demand a refund', a furious fan wrote, while another posted, 'WHO THE HELL PAYS FOR THIS?! I WANNA KNOW!! LOL'.

Others found the video hilarious, enthusing, 'This is FANTASTIC' and a second, 'It was just for laughs since she knows she isnt a dancer. Her SINGING was on point though.'

MailOnline has contacted Mariah's representatives for comment.