Mrs Brown's Boys is a family affair in every sense; the show is about family, the cast and crew are made up of family, and those who aren't family soon become as good as.

The O'Carroll family has been working together on the hit comedy for years, a feat many of us couldn't achieve without bloodshed.

Brendan O'Carroll, who plays the famous Agnes Brown, laughs at the notion.

"We have our moments," he says.


"But it's about the audience, and our audiences, on the whole, are not exactly the millionaires of the world - for many of them, it's not their night out this week it's their night out of this month.

Brendan O'Carroll is promising more shenanigans for fans. Photo / Graeme Hunter Pictures
Brendan O'Carroll is promising more shenanigans for fans. Photo / Graeme Hunter Pictures

"We're conscious of the fact that people take the trouble to get their hair done, get their suit dry-cleaned, get a babysitter, get a cab into town - and we've got to make sure that we deliver."

O'Carroll has been bringing Mrs Brown to life since 1992 when she started out as a soap opera on the radio. After that, there was a novel, plays, movies and, of course, the TV show, which has won multiple awards including a TV BAFTA.

Now, he and his whole family are returning to New Zealand - a cast and crew of about 40 - for a new live show, For the Love of Mrs Brown.

"It's set around Valentine's and everyone's getting a's about relationships, which is really what family is about. And Agnes stumbles across some drugs, which she takes by accident, Granddad stumbles upon some Viagra, which he takes on purpose, and we have a bit of shenanigans from that," O'Carroll laughs.

Last time Mrs Brown's crew was in New Zealand, O'Carroll says, "The reception we got was absolutely we can't wait to get back."

What: For the Love of Mrs Brown
Where: Christchurch's Horncastle Arena and Auckland's Spark Arena.
When: Christchurch, February 28-March 2; Auckland, March 7-10.
Tickets: Via Ticketmaster.