Game of Thrones officially returns to our screens tomorrow and if you're still feeling a little overwhelmed trying to refresh yourself on where we left off, you're not alone.

The Herald entertainment team got together to see what we knew about where everyone stands in the series, and it turns out:

Here's our confusing and entirely nonsensical podcast to let you know: The night is dark and full of questions we don't have answers to, but you're not in it alone.

Now that that's over and done with, let's get to answering those questions, shall we?


Here's a recap of last season's final episode, so you can brush up on what went down.

From wild fire in the south to the crowning of a King in the north and the forging of alliances in the east - there was a lot packed into that final episode.

Then, there's our Guide to Game of Thrones: A who's who and what's what of the series including who's on whose side, the ones to watch - like, where the hell is Gendry? - and the ones to watch out for - like what's Melisandre going to do next?.

And if you need a full refresher, or even if you're totally in the know and just want to relive the series so far, HBO released this official recap of seasons 1-6 to get you in the mood for tomorrow:

If, like us, you simply can't get enough of all things Game of Thrones, check out our coverage from the week leading up to Winter below.

We all gave our two cents for each topic, so here's a taster for each one and you can follow the links to find the rest:

"The storyline that I really dgaf about is all the snow zombie nonsense. Even though that's what the whole thing is all about. Which yes, is a little bit awkward.

Problem is that I really don't care. I've already had to yawn through a whole episode dedicated to fighting them and I am not at all looking forward to the many more battles that are no doubt coming up. They're just so boring!

And here's why: The action's fine, but there's just no stakes. What I loved about Game of Thrones was that it made you feel something. You really wanted the good guys to win and you really wanted the bad guys to lose." - Karl Puschmann
Which storyline are we most invested in?

"While all eyes are either on Jon and Sansa in Winterfell or Team Dany's voyage to Westeros, my main interest lays firmly with Arya Stark.

This kid has been through the ringer - most of her family's been murdered, she got spirited away into all kinds of rough situations, had to road trip with the Hound, trained under the Faceless Men in Braavos, and somehow made her way back to Westeros where she killed her enemy's kids, baked them into a pie and served them to their father before killing him too.

Arya has had enough, dammit. And I can't wait to see what she does next, and in particular, the havoc she and Lyanna "The Childlike Empress" Mormont will unleash together." - Siena Yates
Which character do we most want to die next?

"Had you asked me this before the end of season six and I would ranted and raved about all the reasons the High Sparrow needed to die. But then Cersei came along and torched him to a crisp in one of Thrones' most satisfying moments.

Unlike Arya, I don't have any other names on my kill list. I mean, Littlefinger is a bit of a creep but that's hardly a hanging offence. If forced to choose, I'd have to go Daenerys. She's just been a little too smug lately. And as we all know, pride comes before a fall." - Joanna Hunkin
Our Game of Thrones fantasies revealed

"There is very little romance in Game of Thrones. Everyone's too busy swinging swords and making potions and setting bombs and plotting their revenge and just doing terrible, awful things to each other. Everyone needs to chill out and start looking around, because there are some great romantic fires just waiting to ignite.

For starters, Sansa and Podrick are an easy match, two peas, if you will, in a pod. Jamie and Cersei really need to move on from each other, so Cersei, you're paired with Littlefinger, and I've never seen two people who deserve each other more. As for Jamie, he probably needs to challenge Greyworm for the heart of Missandei.

Finally, as much as it pains me to say this, it's time for Brienne to let a little light in. We all know Tormund is keen, so let's hope that blossoms this season. Let the date nights begin." - Chris Schulz
Feeling ready yet? Take our Game of Thrones quiz below:

- Game of Thrones season seven screens on Sky Soho and Neon from Monday.