Money can't buy you ... ?

The childish enjoyment of getting something for free.

Your character is a Trustafarian. What do you envy about his circumstances and wish for, for yourself?

I try to remove envy or any kind of judgment from the equation, particularly when approaching a controversial character. In saying that, there is a real kind of freedom and liberation from the norm, which I enjoy about him. It could perhaps be argued that this kind of laissez-faire attitude is exacerbated by the unique lifestyle he's afforded, but I believe it is more to do with his nature. For example, his circumstances could provide some with freedom and others with enslavement.


What television character have you loved and studied and worshipped and may be speechless if you ever actually met them?

Rick Sanchez.

What social injustice in NZ drives you nuts?

The value people can put on the superficial that often leaves many overlooked or undervalued. Sometimes there can be a real divide in our personalities as to the way we treat and deal with people.

How close have you come to this lifestyle and what insight have you had into this world?

The closest I've come to the lifestyle have been the fantastical moments between action and cut.

What in life do you want that so far has eluded you?

True contentment.


What do you wish was part of your upbringing that wasn't available to you for financial reasons?

Nothing, but I'd rather not print that as it could be easily misinterpreted .

Define wealth.

Anything you value that you have the ability to share with others.

Would you describe yourself as generally tidy or generally filthy?

A healthy balance of the two.

Name an addiction you've had or have?

Sugar and problem-solving. I'm haunted by unanswerable questions so the satisfaction of completing tasks that have specific answers or results is extremely intoxicating.

How do you cope with criticism or critics?

I learn whose opinions matter and whose don't.

What quality do you most value in a friend?

Trust and honesty.

In a lover?

Trust and honesty.

What crowd of people do you find abominable?

Snowmen. Cold as ice.

When you hear the word "celebrity", what's the first thing you think?

Perhaps the word "delusion", but I try not to spend too much time considering such trivial things as they don't have a heck of a lot of relevance value to me, except that I hear it thrown around a lot to describe a variety of people, who, in some cases, would probably shudder at the thought of being categorised alongside certain other people.

If you had more money what would you spend it on?


What kind of car would you buy?

One that would make girls think I'm cool.