In the latest Westside, launching on July 10, Shane Cortese plays Danny, the father of his original Outrageous Fortune character, Hayden. He is also a real estate agent, he tells Sarah Daniell.

Real estate - is this research for a new role?

No, the eternal search for mortgage freedom.

What have you yet to achieve that you desperately want to?


Along with being mortgage-free, I would very much like to be the lead in a new Kiwi series that is well received and does well overseas.

In life what has been your outrageous fortune?

The ability to front it with some seriously good musicians, and play in bands. Had a great time and banked a bit of money having a lot of fun.

What's been your biggest heartbreak - career or personal let down?

Let's run with career. Was playing golf on a Monday when I got a phone call to say the Almighty Johnsons wasn't going to be renewed for what was going to be a busy fourth season. Then on the Friday on the same golf course I got a call saying that Nothing Trivial was not going to be renewed. Expensive week and I haven't played that course since.

What stuff in life do you relegate to the trivial pile?

Simple mistakes, make them all the time, move on, laugh, learn, they're generally no biggie.

What role stands out in terms of your nailing it?


Loki in Almighty Johnsons was my most fun to date. It was just a peach of a role. He was outrageous in his views and the enjoyment of playing his madness and carefree nature came across on screen, I reckon. In direct contrast to that, playing Mac in season one of Nothing Trivial with all his sadness and angst was also a lot of fun and a challenge.

How are Danny and Hayden going to muscle in to Westside?

Well, we know that Danny is a successful brothel owner, Hence "Loretta's" in Outrageous Fortune. He will arrive in a big car, with a big motor and big moustache alongside a young Hayden with very nice hair.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, as Danny, and in this picture here, what words have you?

That is one hairily handsome dude.

How do you define success?

Obviously, the go-to answer will be "happiness". But alongside that, a well-cut suit, friends for dinner often, and a young son who lies in bed and says "Dad, you're the champion of this house". That will do it.

How would you describe your worst trait in 140 characters or less?

My inability to snap out of a man mood quickly and move on.

Who are you a fanboy to?

Always has been, always will be Tom Cruise. I would love to watch him up close and personal on a set to just see what makes him tick, what he brings to the table, how he reacts with everyone and what he does to relax between shots.

What advice would you give to someone desperately seeking a life in acting?

That you get out what you put in. Listen, listen, listen when you are on set, ask questions, be humble, thank the crew, and deliver your off lines with as much passion and expertise as you do when it's your shot.

When you were last accosted in a supermarket/carpark/movie theatre by a fan, what did they say to you?

"Didn't you used to be on the tele?" No joke.



season 3 premieres Monday, July 10, 8.30pm on Three.