Guy Sebastian, long time judge on a TV talent show and the product of Australian Idol, is now sick to death of TV talent shows.

The singer, who rose to fame after winning Australian Idol in 2003, has appeared as a judge on five seasons of X Factor Australia.

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But he told KIIS FM that he regrets appearing on the Channel Seven series last year and won't be judging again on TV anytime soon.


"I wouldn't do any TV for the near future, just because I decided that last year and they came to me and said, 'Do X Factor, it's only five weeks, it's a very short stint'," Sebastian said.

"So I did it and I can't say I was in it, I didn't feel like I was in it."

Channel Seven confirmed in January that X Factor won't be returning this year after disappointing ratings in 2016 when the judges were Guy Sebastian, Iggy Azalea, Mel B and Adam Lambert.

"I feel like it's good that it's going on a break," Sebastian told KIIS FM.

"I think we just need to let talent ... mature a little bit, we need to let the pool of talent develop. I think everything has its time and we're so saturated with all of this stuff and it's probably a good time for it to be rested."

Currently the only talent show on Aussie TV is The Voice which has been averaging just over 1 million viewers for the past few weeks.

But according to Sebastian, The Voice is full of contestants that have already tried and failed on other reality shows.

"There's a bunch of people on The Voice that I've seen on the promos that we've seen through the X Factor process as well," he said.


"People have a mentality of jumping from show to show now."

Recently there have been rumours that Australian Idol might be making a comeback next year with Kyle Sandilands appearing as one of the judges, again.

But when asked about the rumour on radio, Sandilands claimed he knew nothing about it and wouldn't be interested in appearing on the show.

"I couldn't be bothered in all honesty," he said, "it was so boring doing it".