In the countdown to Shortland Street’s 25th anniversary next week, some current stars reflect on their favourite on-screen memories from the show.

Over 25 years, Shortland Street has served up a dizzying array of storylines, with plots placing its characters on a daily buffet of conundrums. From drugs to murder, tragedy to triplets, the following tales have been handpicked from a quarter-century of weeknight drama.

Michael Galvin debuted as Chris Warner on Shortland Street's very first episode, and has appeared on screen for most of the show's 25 years. Here, Galvin reveals his favourite storyline - 24 years in the making - the shock arrival of his adult triplets. Galvin's interview is followed by great scenes in which each of the three reveal their identity. Cue cliffhanger close-ups all round.

See Michael's interview and scenes from the show here:

Last year Tash Kennedy made New Zealand screen history - becoming the first transgender actor to play an ongoing transgender role on local television. The character of Blue Nathan - a teenage girl who identifies as a boy - caused quite a stir in his debut scene. Here, Keddy recalls the dramatic onscreen arrival of LGBTQIA in Ferndale.

See Tash's interview and scenes from the show here:

Asked to pick her favourite Shortland Street storylines, longtime cast member Sally Martin starts with one of the show's most dramatic episodes - 2012's 20th anniversary special. On board a helicopter when it crashed in the hospital grounds, Martin's character Nicole Miller was trapped in the wreckage. A recovery scene surrounded by a trio of fawning admirers also rates highly, as does being sent out of the room for laughing at the on-screen antics of Amelia Reid-Meredith (Bella Durville).


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Laurel Devenie has spent an eventful 14 months on Shortland Street, arriving in March 2016 to play nurse Kate Nathan. Here, she offers some insights into the creation of the show, commending the writers and their ability to develop and reveal the "bad-guy" characters - as well as plotting their evil demise. Also included are scenes she references, involving evil surgeon Victoria Anderton (Laura Thompson) and the chilling moment she admits to Mo (Jarod Rawiri) that she tried to murder her boss Drew McCaskill.

See Laura's interview and scenes from the show here:

In March 2015 teenager Pixie Hannah (Thomasin McKenzie) arrived on Shortland Street, and, after some initial clashes, began dating Harry Warner (Reid Walker). Here, Walker talks about the "bittersweet" storyline around Pixie's death five months later. Reuben Milner, who plays Pixie's brother Jack, also weighs in, and there are clips from her heartbreaking death scene and funeral.

See interviews with Reid Walker and Reuben Milner here:

When asked to reveal her favourite moment from the show, it's an easy choice for Grace Palmer (Lucy Rickman-Karim). Citing a scene in which hospital receptionist Leanne Miller (Jennifer Ludlam) takes health supplements laced with speed, she praises the actress's ability to "lose the plot". A brief glimpse of the scene in question is also included.

See Leanne lose the plot here:

Actors Tane Williams-Accra and Ngahuia Piripi joined Shortland Street in 2015, as ambulance officer Ali Karim and Dr Esther Samuels. Both agree on their favourite storyline of the Street's 25 years - the Ferndale Strangler (played by Johnny Barker). The climax of the plot-line can be seen here - along with the Strangler's final act of defiance.

See Tane Williams-Accra, Ngahuia Piripi, and Johnny Barker's Ferndale Stranger, here:

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