Eli Matthewson is making a name for himself as one of the Comedy Festival's most reliable performers.

Last year saw him tackle the peculiarities of the internet in Wow! You Won't Believe This Disney Prince Re-Imagined As An Absolute Comedy Legend, in which he told specific and elaborate jokes through a blend of sketch and stand-up.

The Year of Magical F***ing sees Matthewson return to the latter format, and it works perfectly; he nails every punchline, with entertainingly candid jokes and an engaging, animated delivery.

As one might deduce from the title, much of The Year of Magical F***ing is about sex. Leading in with the recent revelation that millennials are reportedly having less of it than their parents' generation, Matthewson explores the topic with a number of hilarious anecdotes (including a hilariously uncomfortable segment about a particular muscle in the human body, which is almost worth going to this show for alone).


While explicit, Matthewson's jokes are never crude or tactless; there are definitely some he-went-there moments, but they always pay off as intelligent and worthy gags.

As he did in last year's show, Matthewson tackles the zeitgeist with ease. His take on Beauty and the Beast's so-called "exclusively gay moment" is a brilliantly sharp take, as is his segment on sexual education. His audience stays engaged throughout, and responds well to his improvisations; his impression of acoustic pop covers is a standout moment that's nothing short of incredible.

Once again, Matthewson has proved his worth as a likeable and commanding performer, and The Year of Magical F***ing is an excellent display of his talents.

With the Comedy Festival coming to a close, this is a perfect show to catch before it finishes for the year.

* Details for Eli Matthewson's show can be found here.