From sleeping with Trump supporters to pretending he's Steve Irwin's son Bob to get into parties, there's no secret left untold with Australia's crown prince of comedy, Joel Creasey.

He drew a small but humble crowd to his opening show Poser at Auckland's Q Theatre last night, working them into regular fits of laughter.

He started the night by setting clear expectations: "In my show, I'll call celebrities fat for hours and you'll leave dumber."

What you see is what you get with Creasey; A sassy ambitious gay man who has worked his butt off (literally) to get where is today.


As he says: "I'm not in this for the craft (of comedy), I'm in this for the fame, the free s**t and the dick."

The intimate setting of Q Theatre made the audience feel like they were having a one-on-one gossip session with Joel, who is the ultimate gay best friend.

He's just come straight from Eurovision in the Ukraine and lost his luggage on the way.

Earlier in his career, he toured the States with the late Joan Rivers as a support act for two years.

"She was my hero growing up and she was the reason why I started stand up and when I was 22, I started touring with her.

"I remember her telling me, 'just be funny, just laugh at the world and everything will be alright'.

"It sounds so basic but it's the best advice I've ever been given. You just have to laugh and everything is fine."

Creasey's jokes were witty and truthful and he makes you laugh when you're really not supposed to.

Known as The Acid Tongue Prince, Creasey's show roamed from Eurovision and Joan Rivers, to Carrie Fisher (who he also worked with closely) and sleeping with a group Donald Trump supporters.

Overall, it was a mischievous 60 minutes well spent and if you're the type to walk the line between naughty and nice, Poser is the show for you.