Ed Sheeran has declared his undying love for New Zealand - by trolling an Australian TV reporter.

In an interview with TVNZ's Sunday programme superstar Ed Sheeran told Australian interviewer Angela Cox from Channel 7's Sunday Night show: "I do really really love New Zealand."

When asked why, he replied: "Why are you getting so uppity? Do Australians not like New Zealanders or something?"

He added, somewhat cheekily: "What, because they're better at rugby?"


"Ouch, he's coming out swinging today," Cox responded.

Sheeran also admitted to buying many Maori necklaces on his trips down under.

"I bought loads of them and gave them all to my mates as well. Now they haven't taken them off," he said.

Sheeran wears a pounamu necklace the shape of a whale's tail every day and hasn't taken it off since he got it.

He visits New Zealand for two shows in Auckland and Dunedin in March next year.